Gentle Laundry Wash 820g


     100% Satisfaction
    Toxic-Free Product
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100% Satisfaction
Toxic-Free Product
100% Halal Ingredients

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Scent Pyramid

Top Note: Almond, Strawberry
A harmonious blend of almond and strawberry creates a lusciously sweet and fruity introduction, captivating the senses.

Middle Note: Peony, Pear
The fragrance unfolds with the delicate elegance of peony and the crisp freshness of pear, adding a floral and fruity sophistication.

Bottom Note: Vanilla, Musk
A comforting base of vanilla and musk wraps the scent in warmth and sensuality, leaving a lasting impression.


What to know about this product

DI Water, Sulphonated Methyl Esters, Caprylyl Glucoside, Polyethylene Imine, Acrylates Copolymers, Triethanolamine, Hydroxydichlorodiphenyl Ether, Parfum
1. Natural Origin Ingredients
2. Soap Free
3. 7 Days Antibacterial
4. Indoor & Outdoor Drying with No Bad Odors
5. Prevent Fabric from Discolouring
6. Suitable for all kinds of coloured fabric and clothing
Do not consume or direct eyes contact.
Prevent direct sunlight and store between 70°-90°F (21°C-32°C)
1. Medium Load Normal Soiled: Laundry use 1 full cap (40ml) based on 4-5kg capacity washer. For Heavily Stained Laundry: Perform Pre-Spotting - pour directly on stained fabric spot and rub it gently.
2. Proceed to put in washer to wash as per instruction.
3. Compatible with top & front load washer.
4. Suitable for all fabrics.


FAQs About Gentle Laundry Wash

Natural Origin Ingredients are used in the formula of BerryC Gentle Laundry Wash for several reasons. Firstly, they are gentler on fabrics, ensuring they remain in good condition. Secondly, using natural ingredients is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, Natural Origin Ingredients are less likely to cause discoloration. Most importantly, our laundry wash is free from synthetic ingredients, reducing the risk of rashes and irritation on kids' and babies' delicate skin.
BerryC Gentle Laundry Wash provides up to 7 days of antibacterial protection for clothes after washing. This long-lasting antibacterial treatment helps eliminate odor-causing microbes, keeping clothes smelling fresh for an extended period. It also helps maintain a higher level of hygiene, particularly in situations where regular laundering may not be possible or practical, such as during travel or outdoor activities.
No, BerryC Gentle Laundry Wash is formulated using Natural Origin Ingredients only and is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals, including synthetic fragrances.
No, BerryC Gentle Laundry Wash has up to 7 days of antibacterial properties, which prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Therefore, even if you dry the clothes indoors, they will not develop a damp smell.
BerryC Gentle Laundry Wash is highly recommended for infant and kids' clothes. However, it is also suitable for adults with sensitive skin who can benefit from its gentle and non-irritating formula.