A father’s Journey

During the COVID-19 pandemic, David, a co-founder of BerryC, faced a challenge when his pregnant wife expressed discomfort with regular disinfectant sprays drying her skin and their daughter’s dislike of the strong alcohol smell.
Despite searching several pharmacies, David couldn’t find a suitable alcohol-free disinfectant spray for them. Realizing the gap in the market, David decided to create the solution himself. He collaborated with another co-founder and chemist in his company to develop a unique product – BerryC Sanitizer Spray, an alcohol-free variant with a nice scent.
However, the journey wasn’t smooth. Initially, many doubted its sterilization effectiveness due to the absence of alcohol. To validate its ecacy, David had the BerryC Sanitizer Spray tested in a third-party laboratory, where it received certication for its germ-killing capabilities.

Understanding the need for high-quality and natural household products, especially in homes with children, David led BerryC to expand its range, including vegetable washes, floor cleaners, and mosquito repellent sprays.

When David’s second child was born, he was determined to use only the best products for her but found it hard to nd baby products that met his criteria in the market. This led to the inception of the BerryC Baby and Kids series, as he intended to use the best natural ingredients for BerryC products for his daughter.

In 2023, BerryC launched the new Baby and Kids series, crafted with the same love and care. David continues to develop products based on his family’s needs, understanding that every family deserves the best. His journey with BerryC is more than just creating products; it’s a father’s commitment to providing the best choices for families throughout Malaysia.

Why the name BerryC?

One day, as David was struggling to name his brand, he observed his eldest daughter enjoying berries at home. He noticed not only her love for berries but also that she ate them almost every few days. This scene sparked an idea, leading him to name the brand “Berry.” However, he felt that just “Berry” sounded too common and lacked uniqueness. So, David added a “C” after “Berry,” creating the name “BerryC.” The “C” stands for “Coating,” representing the unique technology of their first product – a sanitizer spray. This exclusive coating technology became a signature feature of BerryC.

As for the choice of the brand’s color, David was inspired by his daughter’s love for pink. Her room was filled with pink elements, so he chose pink as the primary color for the brand. This decision perfectly reflected the inspiration he drew from his life and family. Thus, BerryC became more than just a brand name; it embodied the love and warm memories of a family.

Why orange colour to represent Baby & Kid Series?

BerryC’s Baby & Kid Series shines in vibrant orange, a color chosen by David to encapsulate the essence of childhood. Orange, symbolizing fun, warmth, playfulness, vibrancy, and energy, perfectly reflects the spirited nature of growing toddlers and kids. David’s choice is more than just a color; it’s a celebration of the joyful, lively spirit that every child embodies as they grow and explore the world around them.

4 Brand Pillars

Parents! At BerryC, we cherish your child’s safety as much as you do. Our four steadfast pillars – natural origin ingredients, soap-free, no preservatives added, and antibacterial properties – serve as the bedrock of every product. Each BerryC creation is a testament to this unwavering commitment, ensuring what touches your child is as pure as your love. Trust in our foundation; choose BerryC for nature-infused, gentle care
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