C12 Nature Blend

BerryC introduces the exclusive C12 Nature Blend, a unique skincare solution designed for children’s deli cate skin. Crafted by expert chemists, this blend features twelve natural ingredients, including eleven patented ones known for their unique properties and effectiveness. Originating from Korea and Australia’s ‘skin first’ philosophy, these components ensure hydration, nourishment, and enhanced skin health. Inspired by co-founder David’s personal experiences with children’s skin issues, BerryC’s innovative product aims to ease parents’ concerns by offering a safe, natural, and effective skincare alternative.

Skin Repair & 24 Hours Hydration

The BerryC Baby & Kid Series offers a majority of products featuring Skin Repair & 24 Hours Hydration, designed to repair, improve skin health, and moisturize your baby’s skin barrier all day long.

With Patented Natural Ingredients

BerryC’s Baby & Kid Series features patented natural ingredients,ensuring a unique formula that stands out in the market. These exclusive extracts o er distinctive benets, setting our products apart with innovative solutions for your baby’s care, unmatched by others.

Clinical Studies

Features ingredients clinically studied and proven to bene t and safely care for your baby’s skin, ensuringe ective and reliable performance in every product.

Creme Head To Toe Bath

Designed for kids and sensitive adults, this gentle formula hydrates for 24 hours, repairs UV damage, soothes irritation, and kills 99.99% of germs with natural ingredients.

Skin Soothing Hand Wash

Gentle, moisturizing cleanser with anti-oxidant accelerates skin repair, kills 99.99% of germs, maintains pH balance, and is safe
for all ages.

Gentle Head To Toe Bath

Clinically proven for newborns and adults, this natural, soap-free formula soothes irritation, hydrates for 24 hours, and gently kills 99.99% of germs, promoting skin repair.

Skin Repair & Soothing Cream

Instant relief for eczema, insect bites, psoriasis; baby-safe, natural, hydrating, and protective without harmful additives, offering a
pleasant scent.

Moisturizing IR Lotion

BerryC Floor Clean & Coat o ers 10-day antimi -crobial protection with a soothing peppermint aroma, e ectively repelling ants and safe for kids, pets, and all or types.

Gentle Laundry Wash

Our 4-in-1 eco-friendly laundry formula com -bines detergent, softener, antibacterial, and odor control, safe for babies and effective for all, free from harmful chemicals.

Naturalle Stain Remover

Safe for all ages, this 3-in-1 stain remover sanitizes, deodorizes, and lifts tough stains, with a plant-based, skin-friendly formula offering lasting antibacterial protection.

Naturalle Bed Bug & Mite Spray

A baby-safe fabric solution, repels bed bugs and mites for 10 hours with a calming lavender scent, using natural, chemical-free, antibacterial

Food Safe Utensil & Dish Wash

Eco-friendly, gentle, and effective for cleaning baby accessories, fruits, and vegetables with natural, soap-free ingredients, ensuring safety and purity for health-conscious families.
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