Stains are an inevitable part of life, whether it’s from an unexpected spill, an enthusiastic meal, or a creative art project gone awry. The real challenge is finding a stain remover that can handle a wide variety of stains effectively. BerryC Naturalle Stain Remover has been put to the test, and we’re excited to share just how versatile and powerful it is. From food spills to artistic mishaps, BerryC tackles them all with ease.

1) Sweat Stain

Explanation: Sweat stains, particularly those yellowish ones, can be stubborn and unsightly. BerryC Stain Remover penetrates deep into the fabric fibers, breaking down the proteins and salts that cause these stains, leaving your clothes fresh and clean.

2) Pee Stain

Explanation: Pee stains can be particularly challenging due to their ammonia content. BerryC’s powerful formula neutralizes odors and removes the stain effectively, making it ideal for baby clothes and bedding.

3) Puke Stain

Explanation: Vomit stains are not only visually unpleasant but also come with a strong odor. BerryC Stain Remover breaks down the complex compounds in vomit, ensuring that both the stain and smell are completely eliminated.

4) Chocolate

Explanation: Chocolate stains, with their dark and oily nature, can be tricky to remove. BerryC’s plant-based ingredients effectively lift and dissolve these stains without damaging the fabric.

5) Lipstick

Explanation: Lipstick stains, often rich in oils and pigments, can be particularly persistent. BerryC Stain Remover targets these compounds, breaking them down and lifting the stain from the fabric.

6) Soy Sauce

Explanation: Soy sauce, with its dark color and strong smell, can easily ruin a garment. BerryC’s formula penetrates the stain, breaking it down and removing it completely.

7) Chili Sauce

Explanation: The vibrant red of chili sauce can be daunting to tackle. BerryC effectively breaks down the pigments and oils, ensuring that no trace of the stain remains. 

8) Milo

Explanation: Milo stains, often a mix of chocolate and milk, can be particularly stubborn. BerryC Stain Remover handles both components effectively, ensuring the stain is completely removed.

9) Color Pencil

Explanation: Color pencil marks, whether from a child’s artwork or an accidental mark, can be challenging to remove. BerryC’s formula breaks down the pigments, lifting the stain from the fabric.

10) Crayon

Explanation: Crayon stains, often waxy and colorful, require a strong yet gentle solution. BerryC penetrates the wax and lifts the color without harming the fabric. 

11) Chili Oil

Explanation: Oil-based stains like chili oil are notoriously difficult to remove. BerryC’s formula effectively cuts through the oil, breaking it down and removing it from the fabric.

12) Curry

Explanation: Curry stains, with their complex mix of spices and oils, are tough to remove. BerryC tackles these stains head-on, breaking down the oils and pigments for a thorough clean.


BerryC Naturalle Stain Remover has proven to be a versatile and powerful solution for a wide range of stains. Its plant-based formula, combined with advanced stain-fighting technology, makes it effective on everything from sweat and pee stains to chocolate, lipstick, and more. No matter what life throws at your clothes, BerryC is up to the challenge.

For those stubborn stains that refuse to budge, BerryC Naturalle Stain Remover is your go-to solution. Its powerful, yet gentle, formula ensures that even the most persistent stains are removed, leaving your fabrics spotless and fresh.

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